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Table 1 Class A: Genes under Rel-dependent stringent control

From: Global gene expression during stringent response in Corynebacterium glutamicum in presence and absence of the rel gene encoding (p)ppGpp synthase

Locus taga ratio gene name Annotation COG classb
Genes under Rel-dependent, negative stringent control
cg0104 0.63 codA creatinine deaminase FR
cg0113 0.66 ureA urease (γ subunit) E
cg0229 0.33 gltB glutamine 2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase large subunit E
cg0291 0.62   3,4-dioxygenase beta subunit Q
cg0419 0.59   glycosyltransferase M
cg0599 0.58 rpsS 30S ribosomal protein S19 J
cg0637 0.55 betB betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase oxireductase C
cg0990 0.65 rpmG 50S ribosomal protein L33 J
cg1062 0.43 urtB ABC-type urea transport system, permease component E
cg1064 0.65 urtC ABC-type urea transport system, permease component E
cg1341 0.62 narI respiratory nitrate reductase 2 (γ chain) C
cg1342 0.64 narJ nitrate reductase (Δ chain) C
cg1606 0.62 pyrG CTP synthetase F
cg1607 0.66   NTP pyrophosphohydrolase LR
cg1783 0.29 soxA' sarcosine oxidase, N-terminal fragment E
cg1784 0.50 ocd ornithine cyclodeaminase E
cg1785 0.33 amt high-affinity ammonia permease P
cg2260 0.27 glnK Nitrogen regulatory protein PII E
cg2280 0.39 gdh NADP-specific glutamate dehydrogenase E
cg2429 0.52 glnA glutamine synthetase I E
cg2942 0.48   Bacterial regulatory proteins, AsnC family K
cg3308 0.65 rpsF 30S ribosomal protein S6 J
cg3370 0.58   NADH-dependent flavin oxidoreductase C
Genes under Rel-dependent, positive stringent control
cg0414 1.66 wzz cell surface polysaccharide biosynthesis protein D
cg0552 1.60 menD 2-oxoglutarate decarboxylase H
cg0834 1.58   Bacterial extracellular solute-binding protein G
cg0924 3.24   ABC-type cobalamin/Fe3+-siderophores transport system P
cg0926 1.87   ABC-type cobalamin/Fe3+-siderophores transport system P
cg0928 1.64   ABC-type cobalamin/Fe3+-siderophores transport system P
cg1873 1.69 tesB2 acyl-CoA thioesterase II I
cg2102 1.79 sigB RNA polymerase sigma factor K
cg2114 1.59 lexA LexA repressor transcriptional regulator KT
cg2120 1.53 ptsF PTS system, fructose/mannitol-specific enzyme II G
cg2291 1.53 pyk pyruvate kinase G
cg2398 1.55 plsC 1-acyl-SN-glycerol-3-phosphate acetyltransferase I
cg2403 2.61 qcrB cytochrome B C
cg2405 1.69 qcrC cytochrome C1 C
cg2406 1.63 ctaE cytochrome C, oxidase subunit 3 C
cg2459 1.53 ptpA protein-tyrosine phosphatase T
cg2645 1.82 clpP1 ATP-dependent Clp protease, proteolytic subunit ClpP1 OU
cg2963 2.09 clpC ATP-dependent Clp protease ATPase subunit O
cg3219 1.77 ldh L-lactate dehydrogenase C
  1. a Locus tag according to [50]
  2. b COG class according to [11]