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Table 1 Overview of the balanced reference design*

From: A biological question and a balanced (orthogonal) design: the ingredients to efficiently analyze two-color microarrays with Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Hybridization design Array Cy3 (green) Cy5 (red)
SelfSelf 1 A2780 A2780
Ref-CP70 2 A2780 CP70
Ref-C30 3 A2780 C30
Ref-C200 4 A2780 C200
CP70-Ref 5 CP70 A2780
C30-Ref 6 C30 A2780
C200-Ref 7 C200 A2780
  1. * This design was used for the 3 independent RNA isolations from the ovarian cancer cell lines A2780, CP70, C30 and C200 (3 independent cell cultures). In addition one extra 'SelfSelf' was performed in the second replication of the design, resulting in a total of 22 hybridizations.