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Table 2 Summary of significance tests for mean and variance effects of environmental and mutational robustness.

From: Effect of random and hub gene disruptions on environmental and mutational robustness in Escherichia coli

Source1 Test statistic2 P
Environmental robustness:
   Disruption type 3.5 0.064
   Disruption type × environment 32.1 <0.001
   Strain(disruption type) variance 9.6 0.001
Mutational robustness:
   Disruption type 39.4 <0.001
   Strain(disruption type) variance 0.7 0.201
  1. 1 Disruption type was treated as a fixed effect. Environment and strain were treated as random effects.
  2. 2 Significance of the fixed effect, disruption type, was tested with a partial F-test. Random effects were tested with likelihood ratio tests.