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Table 1 Equipment and third party software which are directly compatible with Microarray Facility.

From: MicroArray Facility: a laboratory information management system with extended support for Nylon based technologies

Operations Software/Workstation File format
Plate handling Tecan Text
Arraying Biogrid MAF web form
  GeneMachines Text
  Affymetrix 417 (ex GMS 417) Text
  Microgrid II (Genomic Solutions) CSV
  Generic Tabulated text
Image acquisition Raytest TINA (agarose gels)
Quantitation ArrayGauge 2.1 (Fuji) Text
  BZScan 1.0 (INSERM) Text
  GenePix 3.0 (Axon) Text
  Imagene 4.0 (BioDiscovery) Text
  ProfileSoftware Corporate/Cancer (Ipsogen) Text
  Generic Tabulated text
Normalization ProfileSoftware Corporate (Ipsogen) Text
  Generic Tabulated text
Enclosures Generic Any (PDF, Text, DOC etc.)
  1. Interfacing is through upload of output files in their native formats (except for the Biogrid arrayer which is modeled through a web form). Enclosures allow users to attach arbitrary files to any of the MicroArray Facility objects (such as spreadsheet results, publications, images etc.).