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Table 8 PPIase repertoire of Eremothecium gossypii.

From: Identification and comparative analysis of sixteen fungal peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerase repertoires

  PPIase Uniprot Acc. # kDa Signal Seq. Predicted Localisation Domain Architecture
Cyclophilins Cyp1 Q750W6 17.4 ~ Cytoplasmic PPIase only
  Cyp2 Q756U6 20.3 ~ Mitochondrial PPIase only
  Cyp3 Q75EY4 21.8 N-term. ER PPIase only
  Cyp4 Q75EN4 34.3 ~ ER PPIase only
  Cyp5 Q752C6 34.3 ~ Cytoplasmic N-term. PPIase, C-term. RRM
  Cyp6 Q75A33 40.0 ~ Cytoplasmic N-term. PPIase only
  Cyp7 Q757S4 42.8 ~ Cytoplasmic N-term. PPIase, C-term. TPR (x3) motifs
  Cwc27 Q75A74 32.5 ~ Nuclear N-term. PPIase, C-term. Positively charged
FKBPs FKBP1 Q754K8 12.3 ~ Cytoplasmic FKBP (1x) only
  FKBP2 Q756V1 46.5 ~ Nuclear N-term. Negatively charged, C-term. FKBP (1x)
Parvulin Pin1 Q75CN9 18.4 ~ Cytoplasmic N-term. WW domain, C-term. Rotamase