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Table 1 Putative L. major orthologues of mammalian and yeast SNARE-interacting proteins.

From: The SNARE protein family of Leishmania major

  SNARE-interacting protein L. majororthologue E value AA
SNAP/NSF α/β-SNAP LmjF20.1690 3.00E-29 282
  α/β-SNAP LmjF32.2890 1.30E-26 291
  γ-SNAP LmjF34.0540 3.10E-07 389
  NSF LmjF20.0810 1.20E-135 738
SM proteins SLY1 LmjF26.2360 4.80E-61 682
  VPS45 LmjF36.2230 1.30E-65 559
  VPS45 LmjF36.0460 2.80E-56 617
  VPS33 LmjF25.2180 1.40E-21 597
  Sec1/Munc18 LmjF26.2260 3.70E-39 742
Others GATE-16 LmjF19.1630 2.20E-26 125
  EpsinR LmjF25.0670 9.00E-20 594
  Vsm1p LmjF01.0610 1.00E-35 243
  Vtc1 LmjF14.1040 1.20E-18 180
  Vtc2, 3 or 4 LmjF09.0220 3.90E-26 813
  1. List of identified putative L. major SNARE-interacting orthologues with their BLAST E value and their predicted size in amino acids (AA).