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Table 3 Similarity in significance calls from the OneRA and the TwoRA (DRG,SN) comparisons using the Z-scores and limma statistics.

From: Microarray analysis after RNA amplification can detect pronounced differences in gene expression using limma

Number of top significant genes Z-scores Limma
  SSS(%) FDR SSS (%) FDR
   OneRA TwoRA   OneRA TwoRA
100 59 3.7E-3 1.1E-2 87 5.23E-14 1.72E-14
300 59 7.1E-2 0.11 87 2.08E-12 6.56E-13
500 63 0.201 0.214 87 1.52E-11 5.59E-12
  1. The significance similarity score (SSS) is the percentage of genes common to the OneRA and the TwoRA selected sets of top significant genes.