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Table 3 Biological processes significantly affected (Fisher exact test p value < 0.05) by BaP in HepG2 cells as determined by EASE

From: Time- and concentration-dependent changes in gene expression induced by benzo(a)pyrene in two human cell lines, MCF-7 and HepG2

HepG2 time and concentration down-regulated genes HepG2 time and concentration up-regulated genes
Biological Process Probability Biological Procees Probability
nucleosome assembly 2.0E-04 nucleosome assembly 4.5E-04
establishment and/or maintenance of chromatin architecture 4.7E-04 prostaglandin metabolism 6.9E-04
DNA packaging 6.4E-04 prostanoid metabolism 6.9E-04
chromosome organization and biogenesis (sensu Eukarya) 9.7E-04 establishment and/or maintenance of chromatin architecture 1.3E-03
nuclear organization and biogenesis 1.0E-03 DNA packaging 1.8E-03
chromatin assembly/disassembly 1.1E-03 chromatin assembly/disassembly 2.4E-03
complement activation, classical pathway 4.5E-03 chromosome organization and biogenesis (sensu Eukarya) 2.7E-03
complement activation 6.0E-03 nuclear organization and biogenesis 2.9E-03
vacuolar protein catabolism 7.8E-03 icosanoid metabolism 3.3E-03
DNA metabolism 9.5E-03 blood coagulation 3.6E-03
blood coagulation 2.3E-02 hemostasis 4.5E-03
transcription from Pol II promoter 2.7E-02 glucuronate metabolism 5.1E-03
hemostasis 2.7E-02 uronic acid metabolism 5.1E-03
morphogenesis 3.6E-02 UDP-glucuronate biosynthesis 5.1E-03
humoral defense mechanism (sensu Vertebrata) 3.7E-02 glucuronate biosynthesis 5.1E-03
FGF receptor signaling pathway 3.8E-02 UDP-glucuronate metabolism 5.1E-03
skeletal development 4.7E-02 obsolete biological process 5.3E-03
   DNA metabolism 7.1E-03
   xenobiotic metabolism 9.4E-03
   response to xenobiotic stimulus 1.0E-02
   keratinocyte differentiation 1.0E-02
   endothelial cell differentiation 1.0E-02
   UDP-glucose metabolism 1.0E-02
   myoblast differentiation 1.0E-02
   cell growth and/or maintenance 1.1E-02
   G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle 1.4E-02
   cellular process 1.4E-02
   cell organization and biogenesis 1.4E-02
   lipid transport 1.5E-02
   cysteine metabolism 1.5E-02
   embryogenesis and morphogenesis 2.3E-02
   synaptic transmission, cholinergic 2.5E-02
   actin filament polymerization 2.5E-02
   oncogenesis 2.7E-02
   response to chemical substance 2.9E-02
   electron transport 2.9E-02
   regulation of cell migration 3.0E-02
   glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis 3.0E-02
   regulation of DNA replication 3.5E-02
   N signaling pathway 3.5E-02
   heavy metal sensitivity/resistance 3.5E-02
   nerve-nerve synaptic transmission 3.5E-02
   aminoglycan biosynthesis 3.5E-02
   glutathione biosynthesis 3.5E-02
   regulation of apoptosis 4.0E-02
   glutathione metabolism 4.0E-02
   nucleotide-sugar metabolism 4.0E-02
   negative regulation of apoptosis 4.5E-02
   anti-apoptosis 4.5E-02
   carboxylic acid metabolism 4.7E-02
   organic acid metabolism 4.8E-02
   lipoprotein metabolism 5.0E-02
   nitric oxide metabolism 5.0E-02
   nitric oxide biosynthesis 5.0E-02