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Table 2 Mutations identified by TILLING.

From: TILLING is an effective reverse genetics technique for Caenorhabditis elegans

Gene Strain Allele Change Effect
C05C10.5 CN556 vc21 C112T P23S
C05C10.5 CN1688 vc40 G178A G45R
C05C10.5 CN1746 vc41 G230A Non-coding
mel-32 C05D11.11 CN843 vc11 G361A V106I
mel-32 C05D11.11 CN1181 vc68 C1339T Q416*
mel-32 C05D11.11 CN1621 vc69 G289A G82R
mel-32 C05D11.11 CN1665 vc70 G373A D110N
mel-32 C05D11.11 CN1738 vc71 G384A K113=
mel-32 C05D11.11 CN1805 vc72 G972A K293=
mel-32 C05D11.11 CN1856 vc73 G373A D110N
mus-81 C43E11.2 CN1162 vc42 C1830T L368F
mus-81 C43E11.2 CN1162 vc43 G1231A Non-coding
mus-81 C43E11.2 CN1211 vc44 A955T Non-coding
mus-81 C43E11.2 CN1456 vc45 G972A Non-coding
mus-81 C43E11.2 CN1604 vc46 G1897A G390E
mus-81 C43E11.2 CN1766 vc47 C1687T T320I
mus-81 C43E11.2 CN568 vc48 G1313A D214N
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN665 vc18 C602T L183F
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN720 vc19 G930A R292H
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN1286 vc62 G1036A R278Q
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN1475 vc63 G446A E100K
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN1574 vc64 C101T Non-coding
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN1574 vc65 G818T S205=
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN1751 vc66 C902T V233=
xpf-1 C47D12.8 CN1798 vc67 G942A D247N
F25H2.13 CN838 vc10 A1200T I277F
F25H2.13 CN1245 vc52 G1206A E279K
F25H2.13 CN1326 vc53 G421A Non-coding
F25H2.13 CN1742 vc54 G285A E95=
F25H2.13 CN1812 vc55 G399A Non-coding
F25H2.13 CN1838 vc56 G1167A A266T
F25H2.13 CN579 vc7 C649T Non-coding
F25H2.13 CN579 vc8 C1165T S265F
F25H2.13 CN48 vc9 G1242A E291K
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN646 vc1 G2224A E616K
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN823 vc13 G1785A E469=
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN727 vc2 G2029A E551K
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN1362 vc23 C2048T P557L
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN1369 vc24 G1905A S509=
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN1425 vc25 G2181A Q601=
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN1630 vc26 G2230A V618I
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN1723 vc27 C1245T P306L
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN1735 vc28 C2331T Y651=
htp-3 F57C9.5 CN825 vc3 G1333A R335=
M03C11.2 CN1246 vc57 G4804A E680K
M03C11.2 CN1479 vc58 G5097A G725D
M03C11.2 CN1543 vc59 C4755T I663=
M03C11.2 CN1643 vc60 C4739T P658L
M03C11.2 CN1712 vc61 C5740T H782Y
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN843 vc20 C413T T123I
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1157 vc31 G869A Non-coding
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1231 vc32 C338T T98I
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1254 vc33 G214A G57R
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1309 vc34 G524A E146K
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1364 vc35 G876A Non-coding
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1575 vc36 G370A V109M
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1643 vc37 C170T S42F
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1672 vc38 G148A E35K
Cki-2 T05A6.2 CN1787 vc39 G76A Splice Junction
mdf-2 Y69A2AR.30 CN711 vc15 G243A D65N
mdf-2 Y69A2AR.30 CN902 vc17 C1083T Non-coding
mdf-2 Y69A2AR.30 CN1613 vc49 C838T Non-coding
mdf-2 Y69A2AR.30 CN1703 vc50 C838T Non-coding
mdf-2 Y69A2AR.30 CN1865 vc51 C520T Non-coding
mdf-2 Y69A2AR.30 CN1114 vc74 G76A Non-coding
htp-2 Y73B6BL.2 CN750 vc14 C507T A139V
htp-2 Y73B6BL.2 CN50 vc22 C756T T222I
htp-2 Y73B6BL.2 CN1271 vc29 C712T S207=
htp-2 Y73B6BL.2 CN1540 vc30 G345A R85Q
htp-2 Y73B6BL.2 CN574 vc5 G49A D17N
htp-2 Y73B6BL.2 CN901 vc6 G878A G263R
  1. One letter nucleotide and amino acid codes follow IUPAC-IUB nomenclature. The first letter in the Nucleotide Change column indicates the wildtype nucleotide at this site, followed by the position of the mutation from the start codon in the genomic DNA and then the mutant nucleotide. The first letter in the Effect column indicates the wildtype amino acid at this site, followed by the position of the mutation within the predicted protein sequence and then mutated amino acid. An equal sign after the amino acid position means no change in the amino acid encoded by that codon, and an asterisk indicates a stop codon. Mutations in introns and intergenic regions are designated "Non-coding".