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Figure 5

From: Microarray expression analysis of meiosis and microsporogenesis in hexaploid bread wheat

Figure 5

Hierarchical clustering of 1,350 meiotically-regulated transcripts. The expression profiles of 1,350 transcripts (rows) were grouped across seven staged anthers (columns); pre-meiosis (PM), leptotene to pachytene (LP), diplotene to anaphase I (DA), telophase I to telophase II (TT), tetrads (T), immature pollen (IP) and mature anthers (MAN) (averages shown). Clusters of interest (described in text) are highlighted in blue and labelled I and II (pollen clusters); III, IV and V (meiotic clusters). The Y-axis for cluster groups III, IV and V is centered, log base 2, RMA normalized values.

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