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Table 1 Primers used in this study

From: Molecular characterization of a DNA fragment harboring the replicon of pBMB165 from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. tenebrionis

Primer Nucleotide sequence (5'-3') Relevant characteristics
orf4-1 5'-CGCGGATCCCATTCATTTTTGAATATTTATG-3' forward primer, to construct pBMB165-F4A
orf5-1 5'-CGCGGATCCCTTCATGGCCAAGTAACTTAA-3' forward primer, to construct pBMB165-F5C, pBMB165-F1B
orf5-2 5'-GGCGAGCTCCATGAGTGGGAAGCAGATATT-3' reverse primer, to construct pBMB165-F5C, pBMB165-ORIB
orf5-3 5'-CGCGGATCCCAATTGAAAATTAACCAGCTG-3' forward primer, to construct pBMB165-ORIB
orf5-4 5'-TCCCCCGGGATTTTCAATTGTCCACTGTGC-3' reverse primer, to construct pBMB165-F1B
orf6-1 5'-AGCAGTTACGTAAATGGAATACAAGATG-3' forward primer, to construct pBMB165-F6A, pBMB165-F6B, pBMB165-F6D, pBMB165-F6E
orf6-2 5'-CGAGAGCTCTACACATTTACACATTTACAC-3' reverse primer, to construct pBMB165-F6A, pBMB165-F4A
orf6-3 5'-CGAGAGCTCACTTGTTGTAACGTTATAGAC-3' reverse primer, to construct pBMB165-F6B
orf6-4 5'-CGAGAGCTCATTTATCTCTATACTGTGTTC-3' reverse primer, to construct pBMB165-F6D, pBMB165-F6G
orf6-5 5'-CGAGAGCTCATAATCTTAGTTGTTCAGGTG-3' reverse primer, to construct pBMB165-F6E
orf6-6 5'-CTGGAATTCTCCACGTGTTGGCTTAAATAC-3' forward primer, to construct pBMB165-F6G