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Table 1 InterPro and Pfam mobile genetic element signature domains identified in P. falciparum and P. y. yoelii.

From: An analysis of mobile genetic elements in three Plasmodium species and their potential impact on the nucleotide composition of the P. falciparum genome

InterPro # (Pfam #) InterPro Description Plasmodium ORF
IPR004244 (PF02994) Transposase_22/L1 element PY07579 (PORF1)
IPR002104 (PF00589) Phage integrase catalytic domain MAL13P1.42 (hypothetical) PY04273 (hypothetical)
IPR010998 Lambda phage integrase-like domain PY05943 (yir3 protein, putative), MAL13P1.42 (hypothetical), PY04273 (hypothetical)
IPR001207 (PF00872) Transposase, mutator type PY07767 (transposase, mutator type)
IPR003611 (PF07460) Intron-encoded nuclease 2 PFC0925w (hypothetical), PY00434 (hypothetical)
IPR011940 Meiotic recombinase PY05593 (DNA repair protein rhp51), MAL8P1.76 (meiotic recombination protein dmc1-like)
IPR011941 DNA repair protein rad51 PY03786 (rad51 homologue), PF11_0085 (rad51 homologue)
  1. Seven P. y. yoelii and four P. falciparum ORFs were identified. The ORFs MAL13P1.42 and PY04273 were duplicated by the two InterPro domains IPR002104 and IPR010998.