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Table 5 Deletion regions from the conservative "cLOH/Model A"

From: Genome-wide loss of heterozygosity and copy number alteration in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma using the Affymetrix GeneChip Mapping 10 K array

Deletion region no. Cytoband Start (Mb) End (Mb) Size (Mb) No. SNPs in each deletion region SNP list* Gene list
1 13q12-q13 27.4 29.3 1.9 15 rs720661 rs748253 rs952648 rs2987346 rs1414357 rs2388092 LOC440129 CDX2 FLT3 PAN3
       rs2388093 rs2388094 rs1986785 rs719199 rs1590501 rs724946 FLT1 LOC341784 C13orf12 LOC283537
       rs2388094 rs1986785 rs719199 rs1590501 rs724946 rs1409504 CYP51P2 KIAA0774 SLC7A1
       rs1409506 rs1073230  
2 13q13 29.6 30 0.4 7 rs1073229 rs1570613 rs1331697 rs1831549 KATNAL1 PRDX2P1 UBCH7N2 HMGB1
       rs1343946* rs1343945 rs1854953 FLJ14834
3 13q13 30.3 30.5 0.2 8 rs2007622 rs876540 rs912603 rs2056443 rs13080 LOC387917 LOC401732 LOC440132
       rs1409379 rs1328950 rs1328949 FLJ14834 MGC40178 B3GTL
Total no. SNPs 30   
  1. *Italicized SNPs are in genes; bolded SNPs are also found in the 20 deletion regions of the conservative LOH/Model A.