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Table 1 Aeromonas strains analyzed by M-CGH in this study

From: Comparative genomics profiling of clinical isolates of Aeromonas salmonicida using DNA microarrays

Strain Species Host species Origin Source1
A449 A. salmonicida salmonicida Salmo trutta (brown trout) France CC4
ATCC 51108 A. bestiarum diseased fish Scotland CC5
ATCC 15468 A. caviae guinea pig France CC5
ATCC 33659 A. salmonicida achromogenes S. trutta USA CC5
N2517 A. salmonicida atypical Hippoglossus hippoglossus (Atlantic halibut) Norway CC6
N4705 A. salmonicida atypical Scophthalmus maximus (Turbot) Norway CC6
ATCC 27013 A. salmonicida masoucida Oncorhynchus masoucida (Masou salmon) Japan CC7
ATCC 33658 A. salmonicida salmonicida Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) France CC7
ATCC 51413 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. trutta Finland CC7
80204-1 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. salar NB2 LD7
BC6129 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. salar BC3 CC8
N1718 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. salar Norway CC6
N2461 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. maximus Norway CC6
N2660 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. salar Norway CC6
N3395 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. salar Norway CC4
N4399 A. salmonicida salmonicida S. salar Norway CC6
SS70.1 A. salmonicida salmonicida Oncorhynchus kisutch (Coho salmon) NB2 LD7 [30]
  1. 1 Clinical Case (CC) or Lab-Derived (LD)
  2. 2 New Brunswick, Canada (NB)
  3. 3 British Columbia, Canada (BC)
  4. 4 Dr. William Kay, University of Victoria, BC;
  5. 5 American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
  6. 6 Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway
  7. 7 Dr. Gilles Olivier, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Moncton, New Brunswick
  8. 8 Dr. Joanne Constantine, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Victoria, British Columbia