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Table 1 Summary of pyrosequence data from the Soudan Mine

From: Using pyrosequencing to shed light on deep mine microbial ecology

  Red Sample Black Sample
Number of Sequences 334,386 388,627
Total Length of Sequences 35,439,683 bp 38,502,057 bp
Average Length of Sequences 106.0 bp 99.1 bp
Average Quality Score1 26.2 25.8
Skew2 2.53 2.44
  1. 1 The quality score of each base was provided by 454 Life Sciences, and is analogous to the Phred score of Sanger Sequencing methods [26]. The value cited here is the average of the mean quality score per sequence.
  2. 2The skew was calculated by comparing the dinucleotide frequencies within each library. A similar analysis performed on Bacterial and Eukaryotic genomes sampled at random yielded entropies of 2.63 and 2.66 respectively.