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Table 2 Subsystems statistically more likely to be present in either the Red or Black samples. These subsystems are more frequently found among sequences from either the Red or Black samples with a sample size of 5,000 proteins, 20,000 repeated samples, and P < 0.05.

From: Using pyrosequencing to shed light on deep mine microbial ecology

Red Sample (Oxidized, pH4.37, E h -8) Black Sample (Reduced, pH 6.70, E h -142)
Amino Acids and Derivatives
Arginine biosynthesis Urea decomposition
Tryptophan synthesis Chorismate synthesis
Asp-Glu-tRNA(Asn-Gln) transamidation Branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis
Histidine biosynthesis Isoleucine degradation
  Leucine biosynthesis
  Leucine degradation and HMG-CoA metabolism
  Valine degradation
  Methionine salvage
  Glyoxylate synthesis
Cell Division and Cell Cycle
Cell Wall and Capsule
  N-linked glycosylation in Bacteria
  Teichoic acid biosynthesis
Cofactors, Vitamins, Prosthetic Groups, Pigments
Folate biosynthesis Coenzyme A biosynthesis in pathogens
Methylglyoxal metabolism Molybdopterin biosynthesis
Pyruvate metabolism I: anaplerotic rx, PEP Carotenoids
Ubiquinone biosynthesis Polyisoprenoid biosynthesis
Ubiquinone menaquinone-cytochrome c reductase NAD and NADP cofactor biosynthesis global
Riboflavin metabolism Coenzyme PQQ synthesis
  Pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthesis
  Siderophore enterobactin biosynthesis
  Siderophore enterobactin biosynthesis and ferric enterobactin transport
  Thiamin biosynthesis
DNA metabolism
DNA repair, bacterial  
Fatty Acids and Lipids
Fatty acid metabolism Glycerolipid and glycerphospholipid metabolism
Fatty acid oxidation pathway  
Membrane Transport
ABC transporter maltose ABC transporter ferrichrome
  ABC transporter heme
  CbiQO-type ABC transporter systems
  Sodium hydrogen antiporter
Metabolism of aromatic compounds
Phenylacetate pathway of aromatic compound degradation Homogentisate pathway of aromatic compound degradation
Motility and Chemotaxis
Bacterial chemotaxis  
Nitrogen Metabolism
Nucleosides and Nucleotides
De novo purine biosynthesis  
Ribonucleotide reduction  
Protein Metabolism
Ribosome LSU bacterial Phenylpropionate degradation
Ribosome SSU bacterial  
Translation factors bacterial  
Universal GTPases  
Protein degradation  
F0F1-type ATP synthase NiFe hydrogenase maturation
Terminal cytochrome C oxidases  
Membrane-bound Ni, Fe-hydrogenase  
Na(+)-translocating NADH-quinone oxidoreductase and rnf-like group of electron transport complexes  
Respiratory complex I  
Respiratory dehydrogenases 1  
RNA metabolism
Polyadenylation bacterial  
RNA polymerase bacterial  
tRNA aminoacylation  
Stress response
Glutathione redox metabolism  
ppGpp biosynthesis  
Sulfur Metabolism
Sulfate assimilation  
Resistance to fluoroquinolones