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Table 3 Mouse oligonucleotide microarray and oligoset platforms included in this study.

From: Comparison of gene coverage of mouse oligonucleotide microarray platforms

Vendor Product Part Number Short Name
Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array 900497 Affy
Agilent Mouse Oligo Microarray Kit G4122A Agilent
Amersham Codelink Mouse Whole Genome 300033 Codelink
Illumina Sentrix® Mouse-6 Expression BeadChip Mouse-6 Sentrix
Invitrogen MEEBO mouse genome set OL-10-122 MEEBO
LabOnWeb Mouse Oligonucleotide Library MOULIB96T Sigma
Operon Array-Ready Oligo Set V.4 810619 Operon4
Operon Array-Ready Oligo Set V.3 NA Operon3
ABI Mouse Genome Survey 4345064 ABI