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Table 1 Overview of the two microarray platforms and TaqMan® GeneExpression Assay based real-time PCR

From: Large scale real-time PCR validation on gene expression measurements from two commercial long-oligonucleotide microarrays

  Applied Biosystems Agilent TaqMan Gene Expression Assays
Platforms Human Genome Survey Microarray Human Whole Genome Arrays TaqMan Expression Assays
Technology Hybridization Comparative Hybridization 5' Nuclease Chemistry & Real Time PCR
Probe (bases) 60mer 60mer TaqMan Primer & Probes
Substrate Nylon Glass slide -
Deposition Contact Spotting In-situ Ink Jet Printing -
Detection One-color Chemiluminescence Two-color Cy3/Cy5 Fluorescence One-color FAM Fluorescence
Software 1700 Chemiluminescence Microaray Analyzer Software v 1.1 Feature Extraction A 7.5.1 SDS 2.1
Total Probes 33,096 probes 44,000 probes 1375 Selected Targets