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Figure 3

From: Specific age related signatures in Drosophila body parts transcriptome

Figure 3

Analysis of age dependent changes in differentbody parts. a) Venn diagram of probe sets downregulated (left) or upregulated (right) with age in whole body, head or thorax. 37 downregulated and 135 upregulated probesets are common to all the tissues. b) Clustering of the responsive probe sets. The first and second columns contain the cluster number for aging analysis and the number of probe sets in each cluster, respectively. The last three columns contain the mean value of the fold change between 40-day old and 3-day old flies for all the members of the cluster in the three conditions (whole body, head or thorax). Black or gray are as emphasize significant positive (enrichment) or negative (depletion) fold changes, respectively.

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