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Table 3 Conserved syntenic regions with three or more gene pairs between the pseudo-ancestral Arabidopsis genome and Prunus genetic maps.

From: Synteny conservation between the Prunus genome and both the present and ancestral Arabidopsis genomes

Group # Pairs Arabidopsis Putative Function EST Name BAC Contig
ga18 3 AT5G47350 palmitoyl protein thioesterase family protein PP_LEa0012C18f FxT-G2F
   AT4G17720 RNA recognition motif (RRM)-containing protein PP_LEa0027L14f  
   AT5G47710 C2 domain-containing protein contains PP_LEa0011F23f  
ga28 3 AT5G07340 calnexin, putative PP_LEa0006I23f FxT-G3F
   AT5G07990 flavonoid 3'-monooxygenase PP_LEa0007M11f  
   AT5G61580 phosphofructokinase family protein PP_LEa0001K06f  
ga29 3 AT5G14650 polygalacturonase, putative/pectinase, putative PP_LEa0030E14f FxT-G3F
   AT3G01610 AAA-type ATPase family protein PP_LEa0001O24f  
   AT5G14370 expressed protein PP_LEa0011N22f  
ga54 3 AT5G59180 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II PP_LEa0026O17f TxE-G1
   AT5G59840 Ras-related GTP-binding family protein epsin N-terminal homology (ENTH) domain-containing PP_LEa0036D15f  
   AT3G46540   PP_LEa0003I01f  
ga60 4 AT2G24640 ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase family protein PP_LEa0006J17f TxE-G1
   AT4G32400 mitochondrial substrate carrier family protein PP_LEa0009H16f  
   AT2G25420 transducin family protein PP_LEa0009H21f  
   AT2G25160 cytochrome P450 PP_LEa0013L12f  
ga66 3 AT4G17720 RNA recognition motif (RRM)-containing protein PP_LEa0027L14f TxE-G2
   AT5G47350 palmitoyl protein thioesterase family protein PP_LEa0012C18f  
   AT5G47710 C2 domain-containing protein PP_LEa0011F23f  
ga77 3 AT4G17486 expressed protein PP_LEa0005J05f TxE-G5
   AT5G47350 palmitoyl protein thioesterase family protein PP_LEa0012C18f  
   AT4G17615 calcineurin B-like protein 1 (CBL1) PP_LEa0009N08f  
ga79 3 AT5G25170 expressed protein PP_LEa0005J05f TxE-G5
   AT5G11110 sucrose-phosphate synthase PP_LEa0003F22f  
   AT5G10840 endomembrane protein 70, putative TM4 family; PP_LEa0015M20f  
ga81 4 AT4G31940 cytochrome P450 PP_LEa0013L12f TxE-G5
   AT2G25190 expressed protein PP_LEa0005J05f  
   AT2G25160 cytochrome P450 PP_LEa0013L12f  
   AT4G31810 enoyl-CoA hydratase/isomerase family protein PP_LEa0009I06f  
ga83 3 AT1G66540 cytochrome P450 PP_LEa0013L12f TxE-G5
   AT1G66250 glycosyl hydrolase family 17 protein PP_LEa0012I12f  
   AT1G66680 S locus-linked protein PP_LEa0003H24f  
ga94 3 AT5G58160 formin homology 2 domain-containing protein PP_LEa0035A24f TxE-G6
   AT5G57990 ubiquitin-specific protease 23 PP_LEa0006J17f  
   AT5G58590 Ran-binding protein 1, putative/RanBP1, putative PP_LEa0003G19f  
ga95 3 AT5G01870 lipid transfer protein, putative PP_LEa0029C22f TxE-G6
   AT3G08560 vacuolar ATP synthase subunit E PP_LEa0009M17f  
   AT3G08710 thioredoxin family protein PP_LEa0016G12f