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Table 2 Putative genes important for signal transduction during T. rubrum conidia germination

From: The use of global transcriptional analysis to reveal the biological and cellular events involved in distinct development phases of Trichophyton rubrum conidial germination

Signaling modules S. cerevisae Genes T. rubrum homolgues E-value Clusters
cAmp-dependent protein kinase inhibitor activity
  GIS2 DW703096 2.00E-31 V
  SCH9 DW685958 1E-10 I
MAP kinase activity
  BCY1 DW704384 1.00E-66 V
  SFA1 DW699725 5.00E-50 III
  HSP12 DW689141 4.00E-11 I
  SLT2 DW703091 1.00E-112 IV
  PTP2 DW682511 2.00E-13 I
  RDI1 DW708650 9.00E-44 III
  HRT1 DW710468 6.00E-38 IV
  HXT6 DW694189 6.00E-20 I
GTPase and GTPase related signaling
  CDC10 DW698270 2.00E-17 IV
  CDC10 DW693198 2.00E-17 IV
  DDR48 DW704176 3.00E-43 III
  DDR48 DW679616 3.00E-43 I
  DDR48 DW680636 3.00E-43 I
  LSG1 DW685586 3.00E-53 I
  RAS2 DW680378 2.00E-24 V
  TUF1 DW702910 8.00E-41 V
  YPT52 DW682488 4.00E-26 I
  GSP1 DW680214 5.00E-48 I
  YRB1 DW698798 1.00E-13 IV
  YRB1 DW681957 1.00E-13 III
  SIT1 DW688840 2.00E-94 I
  GAC1 DW692202 3.00E-10 I
  HSL1 DW696303 1.00E-09 III
  RDI1 DW708650 9.00E-44 III
  GDI1 DW704231 8.00E-91 III
  HRT1 DW710468 6.00E-38 IV
  GIS2 DW703096 2.00E-31 V
  RAS2 DW679797 2.00E-24 V
  RAS2 DW683586 5.00E-16 I
two-component regulatory systems
  YPD1 DW695308 7.00E-15 I
  SKN7 DW705117 5.00E-11 I
  SLN1 DW684321 5.00E-07 V