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Table 3 Putative proteins important for cell wall development

From: The use of global transcriptional analysis to reveal the biological and cellular events involved in distinct development phases of Trichophyton rubrum conidial germination

GO* terms S.cerevisae genes Homolgues in T. rubrum E value Cluster signal model
SW assembly (sensu Fungi) SPS19 DW703424 3.00E-16 IV  
  SPS19 DW691089 4.00E-10 IV  
  CDC10 DW693198 2.00E-67 IV septation machinery;
  CDC10 DW698270 2.00E-17 IV septation machinery;
spore wall (sensu Fungi) CDC11 DW699003 4.00E-24 IV septation machinery;
signal transduction SLT2 DW703091 1.00E-112 IV MAPK pathways
  BCY1 DW704384 1.00E-66 V cAMP/PKA pathways
CW organization and biogenesis SSD1 DW695092 8.00E-58 I  
  SLT2 DW703091 1.00E-112 IV septation machinery;
  SLA2 DW686949 1.00E-26 II MAPK pathways
  GSC2 DW687269 0 I cAMP/PKA pathways
  PSA1 DW707265 9.00E-24 IV MAPK pathways
  PMI40 DW702805 1.00E-53 IV MAPK pathways
cell wall chitin biosynthesis TOS1 DW708648 2.00E-19 V  
cell wall (sensu Fungi) TDH3 DW694548 1.00E-45 I MAPK pathways
  TDH2 DW711028 2.00E-99 I  
  GAS4 DW703981 1.00E-48 IV MAPK pathways
  DAN4 DW693640 4.00E-09 V  
  CRH1 DW687789 7.00E-14 I  
  1. * Gene Ontology