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Figure 7

From: Quantitative gene expression assessment identifies appropriate cell line models for individual cervical cancer pathways

Figure 7

HeLa organotypic cultures are better models of cervical cancer than HeLa monolayer cultures. A: Histogram of the number of pathways at each specific correlation for HeLa cells cultured as monolayer (black) and in an organotypic environment (white). There were more pathways with a higher correlation to cervical cancer in the organotypic culture than in monolayer (p < 0.004, t-test). Therefore, organotypic cultures were better models of cervical cancer than simple monolayer cultures. B: In the ''Cell-Cell Signaling'' pathway (GO:7267), HeLa cells cultured in an organotypic culture had a higher correlation to both normal cervix and cervical cancer than either monolayer or organotypic control cultures.

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