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Figure 1

From: Characterization of the genomic region containing the Shadow of Prion Protein (SPRN) gene in sheep

Figure 1

Comparative mapping of the region containing SPRN in man and sheep. The position and orientation of the human genes and finished HTGs (used to assemble the human genome sequence) are represented in (A) by arrows. The annotated sequences from the BAC contig are shown in a plane map in part B. The sheep BAC contig is drawn in part C. White circles represent BESs used to design primers to construct the contig. Black circles represent annotated BESs. Black squares represent annotated internal BAC sequences. Full lines indicate sequence identity between the sheep sequence and the human sequence and dotted lines sequence identity between the sheep sequence and the bovine orthologue of the human gene on the indicated position. U and R represent respectively the BAC end obtained by the UP and the RP. U and R sides could not be determined for OariBAC265G4 and OariBAC567E3.

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