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Table 1 Characteristics of the BESs.

From: Characterization of the genomic region containing the Shadow of Prion Protein (SPRN) gene in sheep

OariBAC clone Accession number Length sequence (bp) Annotation (repeats (class/family) or
nucleic acid identity with described sequences)
273H7-UP EI184560 650 No repeats, no homology found
273H7-RP EI184569 723 Cow: NM_001076278: 91%
Man: AL360181: 91%
567E3-UP EI184567 752 21–173: L1M4 (LINE/L1)
160–752: BovB (LINE/RTE)
567E3-RP EI184564 824 29–823: L1MA4A (LINE/L1)
265G4-UP EI184562 743 114–257: MER34A1 (LTR/ERV1)
318–426: L1MC3 (LINE/L1)
498–688: L1MC3 (LINE1/L1)
265G4-RP EI184566 454 246–278: TGGG(n) (simple repeat)
182G04-UP EI184568 171 No repeats, no homology found
182G04-RP EI184565 391 Cow: DQ058603: 89%
161G10-UP EI184561 267 Cow: DQ058602: 89%
161G10-RP EI184563 306 1–210: BovB (LINE/RTE)