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Table 3 Summary of all the P. pastoris strains used in this work.

From: Monitoring of transcriptional regulation in Pichia pastoris under protein production conditions

Parental strain Product genes Engineered folding factor Abbreviation
X33    wild type (wt)
GS115   HAC1 wt+Hac1
SMD1168   HAC1  
SMD1168 2F5 Fab   Fab (control)
SMD1168 2F5 Fab HAC1 Fab+Hac1
SMD1168 2F5 Fab PDI1 Fab+Pdi
X33 2F5 Fab   for chemostat
  1. GS115 is a histidin auxotrophic P. pastoris strain, X33 is a histidin prototrophic revertant, and SMD1168 is deleted for the vacuolar protease pep 4. All expressing strains carry both the 2F5 Fab light chain gene and the heavy chain fragment under control of the GAP promoter, with the S. cerevisiae mating factor alpha leader as secretion signal. The folding factor engineered strains were transformed with the S. cerevisiae PDI1 or the induced form of Hac1p under control of the GAP promoter within the HIS4 locus.