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Archived Comments for: Experimental validation of novel genes predicted in the un-annotated regions of the Arabidopsis genome

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  1. EuGene and Arabidopsis annotation

    William Moskal, The Institute for Genomic Research, A Division of the J. Craig Venter Institute

    7 March 2007

    After publication of this manuscript, we have become aware of an additional study which previously demonstrated the usefulness of EuGene for annotation of the Arabidopsis genome. In Genome Research 14:2176-2189, 2004, Hilson, et al. made use of EuGene annotation to to study the Arabidopsis transcriptome using Gene-Specific sequence tags. As their manuscript stated:

    “ ... 76 (6.8%) of the GSTs showing differential expression did not match with any gene model in the TIGR release 5.0 genome annotation, suggesting that the independent EuGene genome annotation that led to the initial GST design offers useful complementary information.”

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