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Figure 3

From: Genome-wide analysis of ABA-responsive elements ABRE and CE3 reveals divergent patterns in Arabidopsis and rice

Figure 3

Distribution of ABREs and CE3s upstream of peptide-coding genes in A. thaliana and O. sativa. Data are summarized as histograms with a bin size of 50 bases. For inter-specific comparison purposes, results are displayed as occurrences per 10,000 genes. The grey bars represent the values obtained for the background model (mean ± SD). (a) ABREs on both the [+] or the [-] strand, in A. thaliana (upper panel), and O. sativa (lower panel). The asterisks in the upper panel indicate values significantly different from the background model. In the lower panel all values, except for those at 800–850 bases and 900–950 bases, were significantly different from the background model; (b) CE3s in O. sativa and A. thaliana (inset).

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