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Table 3 bldA-dependent genes for which some direct link to bldA can be proposed

From: New pleiotropic effects of eliminating a rare tRNA from Streptomyces coelicolor, revealed by combined proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of liquid cultures

Gene1 Gene product2 Reference
A: Containing a TTA codon
SCO4262 Hypothetical protein [55]
SCO6638 Hypothetical protein [55]
B: Regulated by a TTA-containing gene
By adpA
SCO0762 Protease inhibitor [55]
By SCO4263   
SCO4246 Hypothetical protein [55]
SCO4251 Putative secreted protein This study
SCO4252 Hypothetical protein This study
SCO4253 Conserved hypothetical protein This study
By act II-ORF4   
SCO5071 Hydroxylacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, ActVI-ORFA [14]
SCO5073 Putative oxidoreductase, ActVI-ORF2 [14]
SCO5074 Putative dehydratase, ActVI-ORF3 [14]
SCO5075 Putative oxidoreductase, ActVI-ORF4 [14]
SCO5078 Hypothetical protein [14]
SCO5079 Conserved hypothetical protein [14]
SCO5086 Ketoacyl reductase, ActIII [14]
SCO5088 Polyketide beta-ketoacyl synthase, ActI-ORF2 [14]
SCO5090 Actinorhodin polyketide cyclase/dehdratase, ActVII [14]
By redZ   
SCO5895 Putative methyltransferase, RedI [20]
C: In a putative operon with a TTA-containing gene
SCO0392 Putative methyltransferase [31]
SCO0395 Putative epimerase/dehydratase [31]
SCO0400 Putative epimerase [31]
SCO0401 Putative aminotransferase [31]
SCO0991 Conserved hypothetical protein [31]
SCO0994 Integral membrane protein [31]
SCO0995 Probable methyltransferase [31]
SCO6637 Hypothetical protein [31]
  1. 1the combined list of 147 bldA-affected genes as determined by transcriptomics and/or proteomics was considered
  2. 2from SCODB [55]