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Table 2 Summary of false negatives/false positives.

From: An evaluation of Comparative Genome Sequencing (CGS) by comparing two previously-sequenced bacterial genomes

Mutation type No. of real differencesa No. detected False negative rate No. false positive False positive rate per 10,000 bp
Small sequence differences 8 7 12.50% 19 0.041
IS-element insertions 12 9 25% 15b 0.032
Deletions/inversions 2 1 50% 15b 0.032
  1. a. This number only includes those differences reported in reference 13, and not the new ones discovered in this study.
  2. b. The number of non-called ROI's that did not contain mutations was taken as the number of false positives for both IS-element insertions and indels.