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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Early activation of quorum sensing in Pseudomonas aeruginosa reveals the architecture of a complex regulon

Strain or plasmid Relevant property Reference or origin
Escherichia coli   
DH5α F-, φ80dlacZ ΔM15 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169 Invitrogen
  deoR recA 1 endA 1 hsdR 17(rk-, mk+)  
  phoA supE 44 λ- thi-1 gyrA 96 relA 1  
S17-1 recA pro hsdR RP4-2-Tc::Mu-Km::Tn7 [45]
Pseudomonas aeruginosa   
PAO1 Wild type [46]
PAO1ΔlasR PAO1 derivative; ΔlasR::TcR [47]
PAO1ΔrhlR PAO1 derivative; ΔrhlR::GmR [47]
PAO1ΔrhlR ΔlasR   PAO1 derivative;
PAO-rpoS PAO1 derivative; rpoS::GmR [15]
MSC100 PAO1 derivative; ΔrhlR ΔlasR, pBADlasR This study
MSC110 PAO1 derivative; ΔrhlR ΔlasR, pBADrhlR This study
MSC120 PAO1 derivative; rpoS::GmR, pBADrpoS This study
pFLP2 Source of Flp recombinase; ApR [37]
pJN105 araC-pBAD cloned in pBBR1MCS-5; GmR [41]
pJN105.lasR lasR in pJN105 [48]
pJN105.rhlR rhlR in pJN105 This study
pJN105.rpoS rpoS in pJN105 This study
pSW196 mini-CTX1 based plasmid containing [40]
   araC-pBAD from pBAD30; TcR
pSW196.lasR lasR in pSW196 This study
pSW196.rhlR rhlR in pSW196 This study
pSW196.rpoS rpoS in pSW196 This study