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Figure 1

From: Unravelling the hidden heterogeneities of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma based on coupled two-way clustering

Figure 1

The three partitions of DLBCL were identified using G 2 as the disease feature set in the Alizadeh et al's dataset. In the figure, each gene corresponds to a row, and each DLBCL sample corresponds to column. Forty-two DLBCL samples were divided into three subtypes (Subtype 1, Subtype 2 and Subtype 3). Red areas indicate increased expression, and green areas decreased expression. Genes that are characteristically expressed in three subtypes of diffuse large-B-cell lymphomas are indicated. The dendrogram at the top shows the degree to which each DLBCL subtype is related to the others with respect to gene expression.

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