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Table 1 List of 29 annotated P. falciparum genes. These 29 annotated P. falciparum genes have strongly conserved blocks aligned with P. berghei, P. yoelii, and P. chabaudi upstream regions. An additional 44 unannotated gene upstream regions contain strongly conserved blocks as well.

From: Sequences conserved by selection across mouse and human malaria species

MAL13P1.279 cell division control protein 2 homolog
MAL7P1.26 O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase, putative
MAL8P1.140 methionine aminopeptidase, putative
PF07_0079 60S ribosomal protein L11a, putative
PF07_0085 ferrodoxin reductase-like protein
PF07_0091 cell cycle control protein cwf15 homologue
PF08_0014 plastid 50S ribosomal protein, putative
PF08_0129 protein phosphatase, putative
PF10_0149 cysteine – tRNA ligase, putative
PF10_0174 26s proteasome subunit p55, putative
PF10_0271 centrin, putative
PF10_0337 ADP-ribosylation factor-like protein
PF10_0368 dynamin protein, putative
PF11_0313 ribosomal phosphoprotein P0
PF11_0461 rab6
PF13_0034 vacuolar ATP synthase subunit h, putative
PF13_0149 chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit, putative
PF14_0256 exosome complex exonuclease rrp41, putative
PF14_0415 dephospho-CoA kinase, putative
PF14_0437 helicase, truncated, putative
PFA0400c beta3 proteasome subunit, putative
PFB0550w peptide chain release factor subunit 1, putative
PFE0175c unconventional myosin pfm-b
PFE0960w 50S ribosomal subunit protein L14, putative
PFI1665w uncharacterised trophozoite protein
PFI1670c vacuolar ATP synthase subunit EC, putative
PFL0255c uga suppressor tRNA-associated antigenic protein, putative
PFL0385c blood stage antigen 41-3 precursor
PFL1590c elongation factor g, putative