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Table 2 Putative TCS gene clusters in the genomes of P. syringae pv. syringae B728a, pv. tomato DC3000 and pv. phaseolicola 1448A.

From: Comparative genomic analysis of two-component regulatory proteins in Pseudomonas syringae

Histidine kinase/Response regulator Protein namea Organizationb HK type RR type
Psy B728a Pto DC3000 Pph 1448A     
PSYR0064/0063 PSPTO0126/0127 PSPPH0070/0069 FimS/AlgR HR LytS-like LytR-like
PSYR0259/0258 PSPTO0329/0328 PSPPH0247/0246 EnvZ/OmpR RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR0264/0263 PSPTO0335/0334 PSPPH0253/0252 --/AlgB RH IA NtrC-like
PSYR0723/0722 PSPTO0824/0823 PSPPH0737/0736 PilS/PilR RH IC NtrC-like
PSYR0786/0788 PSPTO0913/0915 PSPPH0805/0807 CheA1/CheY1 RHc CheA-like Stand-alone REC
PSYR0832/0831 PSPTO0965/0964 PSPPH0858/0857 --/-- HR IC NtrC-like
PSYR1100/1099 --/-- PSPPH1168/1167 --/-- RHd IB PleD-like
PSYR1112/1111 PSPTO1291/1290 PSPPH1180/1179 --/GltR RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR1126/1127 PSPTO1306/1307 PSPPH1194/1195 --/-- RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR1498/1497 --/-- --/-- CopS/CopR RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR1941/1940 PSPTO2131/2130 PSPPH1907/1906 --/-- HR III NarL-like
PSYR2031/2032 PSPTO2222/2223 PSPPH2003/2004 RhpS/RhpR RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR2050/2051 PSPTO2245/2246 PSPPH2021/2022 KdpD/KdpE HR IA OmpR-like
PSYR2374/2375 PSPTO2642/2643 PSPPH2510/--e --/-- RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR2385/2384 PSPTO2652/2651 --/-- BphP2/-- HR GAF-HK Stand-alone REC
PSYR2867/2868 PSPTO2983/--e PSPPH2377/2376 BaeS2/BaeS1 HR IA OmpR-like
PSYR3085/3084 --/-- PSPPH2980/--e --/-- RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3128/3127 PSPTO3298/3297 PSPPH3041/3040 --/-- RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3211/3212 PSPTO3380/3381 PSPPH3126/3127 --/-- RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3375/3374 PSPTO3604/3603 PSPPH3295/3294 --/-- RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3434/3436 PSPTO1982/1980 PSPPH3360/3362 CheA2/CheY2 RHc CheA-like Stand-alone REC
PSYR3460/3459 PSPTO1955/1956 PSPPH3386/3385 FleS/FleR HR IC NtrC-like
PSYR3512/3511 PSPTO1893/1894 PSPPH3454/3453 QseC/QseB RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3708/3709 PSPTO1680/1679 PSPPH3729/3730 PhoQ/PhoP RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3715/3716 PSPTO1673/1672 PSPPH3736/3737 --/RstA RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3792/3793 --/-- PSPPH1461/1460 --/CpxR RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3912/3913 PSPTO4175/4176 PSPPH3906/3907 --/-- HR IC NtrC-like
PSYR3964/3965 PSPTO4230/4231 PSPPH3961/3962 TctE/TctD RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR3994/3995 PSPTO4291/4292 PSPPH4001/4002 --/-- HR IC NtrC-like
PSYR4069/4070 PSPTO4373/4374 PSPPH4074/4075 ColS/ColR RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR4231/4230 PSPTO4554/4553 PSPPH4256/4255 --/-- HR IC PrrA-like
PSYR4619/4618 PSPTO0559/0560 PSPPH0641/0642 --/-- HR III NarL-like
PSYR4799/4800 PSPTO0379/0378 PSPPH4827/4828 --/-- RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR4821/4822 PSPTO0353/0352 PSPPH4852/4853 NtrB/NtrC HR IC NtrC-like
PSYR4937/4938 PSPTO5398/5399 PSPPH0147/0146 --/-- HR IC NtrC-like
PSYR5033/5032 PSPTO5478/5477 PSPPH5115/5114 PhoR/PhoB RH IA OmpR-like
PSYR5089/5088 PSPTO5549/5548 PSPPH5172/5171 --/-- HR IC LytR-like
--/-- PSPTO0785/0786 --/-- --/-- HR IA OmpR-like
--/-- PSPTO4705/4704 --/-- CorS/CorR RH IB NarL-like
--/-- PSPTO5573/5574e --/-- --/-- HR IC OmpR-like
  1. a Whenever a HK or RR of P. syringae has been assigned a function in the literature and/or an annotation in databases, the corresponding protein name is mentioned; borganization of each TCS on P. syringae genomes (HR, 5' histidine kinase-3' response regulator; RH, 5' response regulator-3' histidine kinase); c an additional gene is located in between the RR and HK genes; d HR in P. syringae pv. phaseolicola 1448A; e genes with disrupted reading frames.