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Archived Comments for: Bioinformatic evaluation of L-arginine catabolic pathways in 24 cyanobacteria and transcriptional analysis of genes encoding enzymes of L-arginine catabolism in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

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  1. cutoff-values and arginases

    German Bonilla-Rosso, UNAM

    29 January 2008

    It could be me but... I couldn't find any list or table in the article with the list of sequences or alignments used to search in complete genomes, nor any hint on the BLAST cutoff value used. It specifically states "Database searches and similarity searches were done as described in Rueckert et al." but that publication has no database search methodology reported.

    I fear the arginase homologs reported in cyanobacterial complete genomes are indeed false positives, actually agmatinases included in the analysis due to the use of a loose cutoff value.

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