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Table 1 Enrichment of the 327 genes differentially expresseda in Gene Ontology terms

From: Gene expression analysis reveals early changes in several molecular pathways in cerebral malaria-susceptible mice versus cerebral malaria-resistant mice

Cluster, GO term Fisher exact testb
Cluster A  
   Defense responsec 0.043
Cluster B  
   ... ...
Cluster C  
   Positive regulation of cell activationc 0.0024
   Positive regulation of lymphocyte 0.0024
   Positive regulation of cellular 0.006
   physiological processc  
   Regulation of phosphorylationc 0.008
   Cell death 0.013
   Positive regulation of immune response 0.015
   Positive regulation of cellular 0.036
   Cytokines and inflammatory response 0.049
Cluster D  
   ... ...
Cluster E  
   Defense response 0.0000001 d
   Immune response 0.000004d
   Response to pest/pathogen/parasite 0.0000051d
   Inflammatory response 0.0027
   Response to stress 0.0028
   Response to wounding 0.003
   Chemotaxis 0.0054
   Response to external stimulus 0.011
  1. a This set of genes was extracted from the full data set (n = 2012) by use of a SAM procedure and a false discovery rate of 0%.
  2. b Significant results with a Fischer exact test (P < 0.05).
  3. c GO terms that were also over-represented in the set of 177 significant CM genes.
  4. d Significant results with the Benjamini multi-testing correction (P < 0.05).