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Figure 3

From: Microarray analysis of human leucocyte subsets: the advantages of positive selection and rapid purification

Figure 3

Differential gene expression following positive or negative selection reflects cellular contamination rather than activation. (A) Venn diagrams showing number and overlap of statistically significant, differentially expressed genes (as defined in materials and methods) in each independent experiment (roman numerals). The number in the bottom right of each panel is the number of genes whose expression does not change with selection. Genes whose expression changes upon positive (+) or negative (-) selection are shown for each cell type. (B) Heat diagrams show the relative expression pattern of genes significantly changed in 2 out of 3 replicates in 3A on arrays of purified cell subsets from Figure 1A. Red indicates over-expression and green indicates under-expression. (C) Representative flow cytometry profiles for each positively and negatively purified cell type. Putative contaminating cell populations that correlate with the gene expression patterns observed in 3A are ringed (------).

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