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Table 3 Iron regulated genes that are common between A. pleuropneumoniae (App) and P. multocida (Pm)

From: Transcriptional profiling of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae under iron-restricted conditions

App Gene ID Gene Pm ORF Description
Up-Regulated genes
ap1453 omp64 576 CopB homolog, heme-hemopexin utilization protein C
ap2032 lldD 288 l-lactate dehydrogenase
ap0294 yfeB 399 chelated iron transport, ATP binding protein
ap0295-ap0296 yfeA 400 chelated iron transport, periplasmic binding protein
ap1739 exbB 1186 energy transducing protein
ap0145 yfeC 398 chelated iron transport, membrane protein
ap0726 hlyX 668 fnr-like transcriptional regulator
ap0144 yfeD 129 chelated iron transport, membrane protein
ap1175-ap1176 hgbA 741 hemoglobin-bindin protein precursor
ap1740 ap0082 tonB1 tonB2 1188 energy transducing protein
ap0755 aroA 839 conserved hypothetical protein
ap1738 exbD 1187 biopolymer transport protein
ap0286 nagB 875 conserved hypothetical protein
ap1505 HI1275 656 tellurite resistance protein TehB
ap1363 fldA 353 flavodoxin
Down-Regulated genes
ap0108 nrfA 1792 nitrate reductase cytochrome c552
ap1470 ap1698 dcuB1 dcuB2 1434 anaerobic C4-dicarboxylate membrane transporter
ap0169-ap0173 aopA, nqrBCDE 1331 NADH: ubiquinone oxydoreductase
ap1937 fumC 823 fumarate hydratase class II
ap1588 napF 1592 ferredoxin-type protein
ap1822 atpH 1491 ATP synthase delta subunit
ap0996-ap0997 bisC 408-409 nitrate-inducible formate dehydrogenase-N α subunit
ap0725 uspA 1286 universal stress protein A
ap1478 ptsI 897 phosphoenolpyruvate PTS system enzyme I
ap1477 ptsH 898 phosphocarrier protein Hpr
ap1163 pflB 75 formate acetyltransferase
ap0684 bioD1 641 probable dethiobiotin synthetase
ap1402 pgk 1860 phosphoglycerate kinase
ap1848 dmsA 1754 dimethyl sulfoxide reductase
ap0998 hybA 407 formate dehydrogenase β subunit
ap0484 gapA 924 glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase
ap1694-ap1692 frdABC 201-199 fumarate reductase
ap1132 adh2 1453 alcohol dehydrogenase 2
ap1215 ompW 331 outer membrane protein W