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Table 3 Proteins that are specific for Crenarchaeota

From: Phylogenomic analysis of proteins that are distinctive of Archaea and its main subgroups and the origin of methanogenesis

(a) Proteins specific to Crenarchaeota
APES019 [NP_147243] ribonuclease p3 APE12412 [NP_147816] COG4343
APE0488 [NP_147273] COG4914 APE1561 [NP_148025] COG4900
APE0503 [NP_147284] COG4755 APE16273 [NP_148064] CDD26669
APE05051 [NP_147285] CDD26165 APE1644 [BAA80645]  
APE0623 [NP_147373] COG4888 APE1701 [NP_148108] COG5494
APE0975 [NP_147640] COG4879    
(b) Proteins specific to Aeropyrum and Sulfolobus
APE0143 [NP_146996] COG5491 APE1848 [NP_148210] COG1259
APE0145 [NP_146997]   APE1936 [BAA80945]  
APE0168 [NP_147017]   APE1966 [NP_148294]  
APE0238 [NP_147072]   APE1996 [NP_148313]  
APE0429 [NP_147222]   APE2102 [NP_148384]  
APE0663 [NP_147399] COG5431 APE2195 [NP_148451] COG2083
APE0902 [NP_147588]   APE2325 [NP_148539]  
APE1113 [NP_147720]   APE2340 [NP_148552]  
APE1364 [NP_147897]   APE2435 [NP_148607] COG4920
APE1626 [NP_148063]   APE2454 [BAA81469]  
APE1817 [NP_148186] COG5399 APE2463 [NP_148628]  
(c) Proteins specific to Aeropyrum and Pyrobaculum
APE0106 [NP_146969]   APE1230 [NP_147806]  
APE0730 [NP_147451]   APE1236 [NP_147812]  
APE0874 [NP_147564]   APE2409 [NP_148589]  
APE1194 [NP_147776] COG5625 APE2602 [NP_148718]  
APE1228 [NP_147804]     
(d) Proteins specific to Sulfolobus and Pyrobaculum
Saci_0004 [YP_254727]   Saci_1129 [YP_255774]  
Saci_0005 [YP_254728]   Saci_1813 [YP_256412] COG4113
Saci_0035 [YP_254758]   Saci_1883 [YP_256481] = Saci_1813
Saci_0223 [YP_254935] CDD46009 Saci_2070 [YP_256657]  
Saci_0224 [YP_254936] = Saci_0223 Saci_2080 [YP_256667] = Saci_1813
Saci_0660 [YP_255337]   Saci_2195 [YP_256774] = Saci_0223
Saci_0857 [YP_255517]   Saci_2357 [YP_256931] = Saci_0223
  1. The protein ID number starting with APE and Saci represents query protein from the genome of A. pernix K1 and S. acidocaldarius DSM 639. "=" means paralogous genes.
  2. Note 1. A low scoring homolog to APE0505 is also found in Ferroplasma acidarmanus Fer1. Note 2. A low scoring homolog to APE1241 is also found in Archaeoglobus fulgidus DSM 4304.
  3. Note 3. A low scoring homolog to APE1627 is also found in Aquifex aeolicus VF5.