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Table 4 Proteins that are specific for Euryarchaeota

From: Phylogenomic analysis of proteins that are distinctive of Archaea and its main subgroups and the origin of methanogenesis

(a) Proteins specific to almost all Euryarchaeota
PAB0082 [NP_125825] Tgt COG1549 PAB2435 [NP_126297] CDD25834
MMP0243* [NP_987363] CDD9595 P AB0315 [NP_126165] CDD29150
PAB1089 [NP_127334] COG2150 Ta0062* [NP_393541] CDD26662
PAB24041 [NP_125813] Pol II COG1933    
(b) Proteins specific to Euryarchaeota except Thermoplasmata
PAB0161 [NP_125931] COG1326 PAB1338 [NP_127222] CDD9842
PAB0172 [NP_125944] ATPase COG2117 PAB1517 [NP_126975] COG1356
PAB01881 [NP_125970] CDD8172 PAB1804 [NP_126517] CDD15772
PAB0951 [NP_127107] COG4044 PAB2224 [NP_125887] CDD5728
PAB10552 [NP_127280] COG4743 VNG1263c* [AAG19620] CDD2419
PAB1284 [NP_127297] RecJ COG1107 VNG2408c* [AAG20496] COG3365
MMP1287* [NP_988407] CDD2419    
  1. The protein ID number starting with MMP, Ta and VNG represents query protein from the genome of M. maripaludis S2, T. acidophilum and Halobacterium sp. NRC-1. * means protein is missing in the genomes of 4 Thermococci species.
  2. Note 1. Homologs to PAB2404 and PAB0188 are also found in Nanoarchaeum equitans Kin4-M.
  3. Note 2. Homolog to PAB1055 is also found in Dehalococcoides sp. CBDB1 and D. ethenogenes 195.