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Table 1 A portion of the table of p-values that accompany the DAG (Figure 3) from the analysis of the biological process ontology of cluster 6 of the Plasmodium data [40], showing the p-value calculated from the hypergeometric distribution, along with the Holm and FDR multiple hypothesis corrections.

From: MADIBA: A web server toolkit for biological interpretation of Plasmodium and plant gene clusters

Term Definition Corrected p-value (FDR) Corrected p-value (Holm) Uncorrected p-value
GO:0019642 anaerobic glycolysis 0 0 0
GO:0006096 Glycolysis 3.6675E-06 0.00010971 7.2180E-07
GO:0005996 monosaccharide metabolic process 5.3464E-06 0.00016747 1.1091E-06
GO:0019318 hexose metabolic process 5.3464E-06 0.00016747 1.1091E-06
GO:0006094 gluconeogenesis 6.7072E-06 0.00021795 1.4627E-06
GO:0016051 carbohydrate biosynthetic process 6.7072E-06 0.00021795 1.4627E-06