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Table 5 Previously Cloned Genes and Replicated Controls spotted on 20 K Array

From: The Songbird Neurogenomics (SoNG) Initiative: Community-based tools and strategies for study of brain gene function and evolution

Seq ID (Gal file) Provided by Genbank Accession Notes
AR Art Arnold   Androgen receptor
ARC Claudio Mello   
beta actin SB02028A1F09.f1 CK311416 Replicated control
CAB Keck1 BE190670 Replicated control (soybean)
ER alpha Art Arnold   Estrogen Receptor alpha
ER beta Art Arnold   Estrogen Recetor beta
GAPDH SB02023A1H08.f1 CK304281 Replicated control
Histone H3 SB02008B2G06.f1 CK315888 Replicated control
KA1 K. Wada AB107130 Wada et al.2
KA2 K. Wada AB107131 Wada et al.2
MSG Keck1 AJ239127 Replicated control (soybean)
RAR alpha Claudio Mello AY714582 Retinoic Acid Receptor
RAR beta Claudio Mello AY714583 Retinoic Acid Receptor
RAR gamma Claudio Mello AY714584 Retinoic Acid Receptor
RUB Keck1 AI495218 Replicated control (soybean)
zenk David Clayton EF050732 Replicated control (canary "e12" clone)
zf GluR1 K. Wada2 AB042749 AMPA subunit, Wada et al.2
zf GluR2 K. Wada2 AB042750 Wada et al.2
zf GluR3 K. Wada2 AB042751 Wada et al.2
zf GluR4 K. Wada2 AB042752 Wada et al.2
zf GluR5 K. Wada2 AB107127 Kainate, Wada et al.2
zf GluR6 K. Wada2 AB107128 Wada et al.2
zf GluR7 K. Wada2 AB107129 Wada et al.2
zf mGluR1 K. Wada2 AB042753 Metabotropic, Wada et al.2
zf mGluR2 K. Wada2 AB042754 Wada et al.2
zf mGluR3 K. Wada2 AB107132 Wada et al.2
zf mGluR4 K. Wada2 AB042755 Wada et al.2
zf mGluR5 K. Wada2 AB107133 Wada et al.2
zf mGluR8 K. Wada2 AB107134 Wada et al.2
zf NR1 K. Wada2 AB042756 NMDA, Wada et al.2
zf NR2A K. Wada2 AB042757 Wada et al.2
zf NR2B K. Wada2 AB107125 Wada et al.2
zf NR2C K. Wada2 AB042758 Wada et al.2
zf NR2D K. Wada2 AB042759 Wada et al.2
zf NR3A K. Wada2 AB107126 Wada et al.2
zf ZENK Claudio Mello   ZENK cDNA clone ZZF23
  1. 1contributed to Keck Center by Lila Vodkin 2Wada K et al, JCN 476:44-64 (2004)