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Table 6 zenk-hybridizing sequences on the 20 K microarray (ordered as in Figure 1).

From: The Songbird Neurogenomics (SoNG) Initiative: Community-based tools and strategies for study of brain gene function and evolution

ID Description Fold Increasea Raw pb FDRc Mean intensityd
Canary e12 cDNA Replicated control 2.0 1.5E-59 0.00 3661
Zebra finch cDNA Single-spotted control 2.1 2.1E-03 0.16 3602
SB02047B2F12.f1 5'-most EST 1.2 1.0E-01 0.35 9005
SB03008A1H11.f1 Central EST 1.7 3.6E-04 0.15 5551
SB03026B1F05.f1 3'-most EST 2.3 7.6E-06 0.05 4799
  1. a. Mean of intensity ratios for song-stimulated sample divided by silence control sample (n = 6 pairs).
  2. b. P-value (uncorrected for multiple testing) of null hypothesis that song and silence groups have the same distributions, derived from a 2-stage parametric linear model (Methods).
  3. c. False Discovery Rate [81].
  4. d. Mean of all measurements (all replicate spots against all samples); background intensities were less than 60 in all cases.