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Table 1 The CRE consensus. For B. subtilus and species of the phylum Firmicutes in general, a consensus has been formulated by others on basis of both (exp) experiment and (pred) predictions. For the composition of the L. plantarum CRE consensus (bold, italics) we have used the two experimentally established CREs in L. plantarum [49,110] and the initial CcpA operator motif retrieved by us (Figure 2).

From: A generic approach to identify Transcription Factor-specific operator motifs; Inferences for LacI-family mediated regulation in Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS1

LacI-family TF Organism Site Operator(a) Evidence
CcpA B. subtilis CRE TG WNAN CG NTNW CA pred/exp: [29]
  B. subtilis CRE TG NAAR CG NWWW CA pred/exp: [22,28]
  L. lactis CRE WG WAAR CG YTWW MA pred/exp: [25]
  Firmicutes CRE WG NAAS CG NWWN CA pred/exp: [30]
  Firmicutes CRE WG HWAD SG YWWD CA pred/exp: [21] (b)
  L. plantarum CRE NK NWAN SG NWWN CA pred/exp: [49, 110] and this work
  1. (a) Abreviations for specific nucleotide combinations taken from [111]: C, G: S (strong); A, T: W (weak); A, G: R (purine); T, C: Y (pyrimidine); T, G: K (keto); A, C: M (amino); A, T, G: D (not-C); A, T, C: H (not-G); A, T, C, G: N (any).
  2. (b) This consensus is based on the experimentally verified operators listed in this reference