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Table 3 GO terms that are over represented in one member of a species pair

From: Altered patterns of gene duplication and differential gene gain and loss in fungal pathogens

Species pair Generic GO Slim Ontology (GO) Term Species with over-represented GO terms
M. grisea/N. crassa electron transport M. grisea
M. grisea/N. crassa transport  
M. grisea/N. crassa generation of precursor metabolites and energy  
M. grisea/N. crassa catalytic activity  
F. graminearum/T. reesei transport F. graminearum
F. graminearum/T. reesei transporter activity  
F. graminearum/T. reesei electron transport  
F. graminearum/T. reesei generation of precursor metabolites and energy  
F. graminearum/T. reesei catalytic activity  
F. graminearum/T. reesei cytoplasm T. reesei
F. graminearum/T. reesei lysosome  
F. graminearum/T. reesei Intracellular  
F. graminearum/T. reesei cellular component organization and biogenesis  
F. graminearum/T. reesei organelle  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum DNA Binding A. nidulans
A. nidulans/S. nodorum transcription regulator activity  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum transcription  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum regulation of biological process  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum nucleus  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum nucleobase nucleoside nucleotide and nucleic acid  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum metabolic process  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum nucleic acid binding  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum cytoplasm  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum intracellular  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum catalytic activity  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum electron transport  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum generation of precursor metabolites and energy  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum organelle  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum peptidase activity S. nodorum
A. nidulans/S. nodorum catabolic process  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum antioxidant activity  
A. nidulans/S. nodorum extracellular region  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis electron transport P. chrysosporium
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis carbohydrate binding  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis extracellular region  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis response to abiotic stimulus  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis generation of precursor metabolites and energy  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis nucleic acid binding  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis nucleotide binding  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis catalytic activity  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis protein complex  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis peptidase activity  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis multicellular organismal development  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis amino acid and derivative metabolic process  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis reproduction  
P. chrysosporium/U. maydis catabolic process  
  1. Enrichment in pathogens and non-pathogens across four different pairwise comparisons