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Table 4 GO terms that are over represented or under represented in pathogenic F. graminearum versus non-pathogenic T. reesei

From: Altered patterns of gene duplication and differential gene gain and loss in fungal pathogens

Generic GO Slim Ontology (GO) Term Number of gene duplicates in pathogenic F. graminearum Number of gene duplicates in non-pathogenic T. reesei Initial significance value from chi-square test‡ Corrected significance value§
catalytic activity 3214 2784 1.69E-02 1.69E-01
transport 1398 1086 2.29E-05 2.29E-03
transporter activity 741 550 1.24E-04 6.22E-03
electron transport 466 352 5.16E-03 1.65E-01
generation of precursor metabolites and energy 559 436 9.66E-03 1.65E-01
lysosome 1 8 1.38E-02 1.65E-01
cytoplasm 729 762 1.19E-02 1.65E-01
organelle 1136 1166 6.95E-03 1.65E-01
intracellular 1425 1432 1.46E-02 1.65E-01
cell organization and biogenesis 280 314 1.48E-02 1.65E-01
  1. Denotes duplicate enrichment for the term in non-pathogenic T. reesei
  2. Significance values in this column are P-values obtained in chi-square tests
  3. §Significance values presented in this column are corrected for Type 1 error (see Methods for FDR correction)