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Table 1 Annotation-based filtering of candidate novel and intergenically spliced PET-based TUs.

From: Detailed characterization of the mouse embryonic stem cell transcriptome reveals novel genes and intergenic splicing associated with pluripotency

Selection process Initial dataset Genomic span > 200 kb Halftag/s within repeats Mapping to multiple loci Unmappable to the genome No longer novel Final PETs
Novel 143 48 48 26 10 1 10
Intergenic Splicing 10 - - - 3 1 6
Total 153 48 48 26 13 2 16
  1. The numbers refer to PET counts in each named category corresponding to annotation-based filtering described in the text. The 'Mapping to multiple loci' and 'Unmappable to the genome' columns are the combined results of both In-Silico PCR and BLASTN.