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Table 5 Analysis of reporter metabolites and neighboring enzymes, using the "GO term finder".

From: Analysis of Aspergillus nidulans metabolism at the genome-scale

Effect of growth medium p-values for different media Effect of genotype p-values for different strains
GO term Probability GO term Probability
Carboxylic acid metabolism 1.73E-15 Carboxylic acid metabolism 5.24E-16
Organic acid metabolism 1.73E-15 Organic acid metabolism 5.24E-16
Generation of precursor metabolites and energy 1.89E-13 Amino acid biosynthesis 1.13E-13
Energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds 1.11E-12 Amine biosynthesis 2.80E-13
Cellular metabolism 1.55E-09 Amine metabolism 6.05E-13
Amino acid biosynthesis 1.86E-09 Amino acid metabolism 1.84E-12
Metabolism 2.46E-09 Amino acid and derivative metabolism 4.67E-12
Fermentation 3.25E-09 Cellular metabolism 5.27E-09
Amine biosynthesis 3.59E-09 Metabolism 8.56E-09
Main pathways of carbohydrate metabolism 5.19E-09 Acetate metabolism 1.99E-08
Nonprotein amino acid biosynthesis 6.82E-09 Aspartate family amino acid metabolism 2.06E-08
Tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediate metabolism 7.64E-09 Nitrogen compound biosynthesis 8.25E-08
Acetate metabolism 1.26E-08 Arginine biosynthesis 8.25E-08
Nonprotein amino acid metabolism 3.42E-08 Cellular biosynthesis 9.29E-08
Coenzyme metabolism 1.32E-07 Biosynthesis 2.65E-07
Amino acid metabolism 1.47E-07 Nitrogen compound metabolism 3.19E-07
Malate metabolism 1.81E-07 Urea cycle intermediate metabolism 4.12E-07
Amino acid and derivative metabolism 2.70E-07 Arginine metabolism 4.12E-07
Aldehyde metabolism 5.36E-07 Glutamine family amino acid metabolism 6.78E-07
Amine metabolism 5.84E-07 Nonprotein amino acid biosynthesis 2.01E-06
  1. Analysis of reporter metabolites and neighboring enzymes, using the "GO term finder" available at the Saccharomyces Genome Database [35] and the corresponding ORFs in yeast, retrieved via the reconstructed metabolism of S. cerevisiae [22].