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Table 6 56 Putative extracellular proteins (EX) derived from the 1 out of 3 predictions with significant DBSubloc or/and GTD prediction

From: Genome-wide subcellular localization of putative outer membrane and extracellular proteins in Leptospira interrogans serovar Lai genome using bioinformatics approaches

Lai Locus Copen locus Protein annotation SWISS-PROTa PDB codeb
LB258 LIC20197 Cysteine protease - 1deu
LA0975 LIC12680 Fimh-like protein - 1a6c
LA0858 LIC12930 Fimh-like protein/hypothetical protein - 1dab
LA0492 LIC13060 LipL36 protein - 1acc
LA3469 LIC10713 Iron-reglulated protein A/LruB/putative lipoprotein - 1rmg
LA3075 LIC10464 Surface protein Lk90-like protein/Ig-like repeat domain P35828 1dab
LA3778 LIC10464 Surface protein Lk90-like protein/Ig-like repeat domain Q52657 1dbg
LA0378 LIC10325 TPR-repeat-containing proteins/hemolysin Q98KC1 1a17
LA3138 LIC10973 Transmembrane outer membrane protein L1 - 1acc
LA1353 LIC12375 LRR containing protein Q9RBS2 1jl5
LB196 LIC20154 LRR containing protein/lipoprotein - 1d0b
LA0416e LIC10365 Putative lipoprotein (LpL effector) - 1gq8
LA0962d LIC12690 Putative lipoprotein - 1eut/1koe
LA1569c LIC12208 Putative lipoprotein P15345 1acc
LA2823e LIC11207 Putative lipoprotein - 1gq8
LA3064e LIC11030 Putative lipoprotein - 1czf
LA3848c LIC13075 Putative lipoprotein - 1qjv
LA3867 LIC13086 Putative lipoprotein - 1cwv
LA1159 LIC12525 Putative outer membrane protein/putative lipoprotein - 1cs6
LA1905 LIC11996 Putative outer rmembrane protein/hypothetical protein - 1kit
LA1939 LIC11966 Putative outer membrane protein/hypothetical protein - 1fio
LA2273 LIC11665 Putative outer membrane protein/hypothetical protein   1air
LA0563d LIC13006 Hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein (LenC) - 1koe
LA0695d LIC12906 Hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein (LenA/LfhA/Lsa24) - 1koe
LA1433d LIC12315 Hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein (LenD) - 1koe
LA3103d LIC10997 Hypothetical protein (LenB) - 1koe
LA4073d LIC13248 Hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein (LenF) - 1koe
LA4324d LIC13467 Hypothetical protein/conserved hypothetical protein (LenE) - 1koe
LA3370 LIC10793 Conserved hypothetical protein/surface antigen (Lp24) - 1l0q
LA0965 LIC12676 Conserved hypothetical protein P25156 1d0b
LA1066 LIC12601 Conserved hypothetical protein - 1dbg
LA1498 LIC12260 Conserved hypothetical protein - 1ogq
LA2811 LIC11217 Conserved hypothetical protein P25146 1ogq
LA3734 LIC10495 Conserved hypothetical protein/CM protein - 1dab
LA3834c LIC13066 Conserved hypothetical protein P15345 1acc
LA4227 LIC13381 Conserved hypothetical protein - 1sli
LA0663 LIC12930 Conserved hypothetical protein/hypothetical protein - 1acc
LA0423c LIC10371 Conserved hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein P15345 1qjv
LA1567c LIC12209 Conserved hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein P15345 1czf
LA1568c LIC12209 Conserved hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein P15345 1czf/1dbg
LA1691c LIC12099 Conserved hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein - 1acc
LA3340e LIC10821 Conserved hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein - 1ee6
LA3394e LIC10774 Conserved hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein - 1gq8
LA3501 LIC10686 Conserved hypothetical protein/putative lipoprotein - 1air
LA0283c LIC10239 Hypothetical protein - 1air
LA0426c LIC10373 Hypothetical protein P56964 1acc
LA0996d LIC12668 Hypothetical protein - 1koe
LA1764 LIC12048 Hypothetical protein - 1qlg
LA1869 LIC12023 Hypothetical protein - 1k14
LA2272 LIC11664 Hypothetical protein   1dab
LA3240 LIC10898 Hypothetical protein   1rmg
LA0074 LIC10067 Hypothetical protein/conserved hypothetical protein - 1dbg
LA1065 LIC12602 Hypothetical protein/conserved hypothetical protein - 1dab
LA1762 LIC12048 Hypothetical protein/conserved hypothetical protein - 1qcx
LA3649 LIC10561 Hypothetical protein/conserved hypothetical protein - 1qcx
LA3881 LIC13101 Hypothetical protein/OM with integrin like repeat domains P35825 1dab
  1. Note LRR: Leucine-rich repeat, a: Swiss-Prot ID derived from DBsubloc database, b: PDB code derived from GTD prediction, c: pfam06739: SBBP (seven bladed beta propeller) repeat d: pfam07588: DUF1554, e: pfam07602: DUF1565