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Table 1 Major functional categories of P. striiformis ESTs from the germinated urediniospore library.

From: Stage-specific gene expression during urediniospore germination in Puccinia striiformis f. sp tritici

Functional category No. of ESTa
Cell division and chromosome structure 46
Cell signal and communication 75
Cell structure and growth  
   Cytoskeletal 13
   growth sporulation 409
   Amino Acid 49
   TCA cycle/Oxidative Phosphorylation/Electron Transport 70
   Lipid/Fatty Acid 16
   Carbon Metabolism 70
   Plant Cell Degradation 79
   Transport 46
   Other metabolism 15
Cell/Organism defense  
   Detoxification 72
   DNA repair 2
   Stress response 33
Protein biosynthesis  
   ribosomal protein 861
   translation factors 5
   tRNA synthesis 3
   protein turnover 13
   post-translation modification/trafficking 24
RNA synthesis  
   RNA polymerases 3
   transcription regulation 13
   RNA processing 42
Transposon 2
Unclassified 2837
  1. a The original EST number and best hit were listed in Additional file 4 [see Additional file 4].